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Holiday message by UFW President Arturo S. Rodriguez
Stockton Grape worker Israel Melo thanks the Governor for signing #AB1066
Emiliano Hernandez thanks the UFW & its supporters for their help in getting #AB1066 passed.
Tomato worker Isabel Garcia on #AB1066 victory
Lettuce worker Joel Carmona talks about #Overtime4FarmWorkers
Vegetable worker Octavio Zepeda shares what #Overtime4FamWorkers means to him
Broccoli worker Eberardo Ureta on #Overtime4FarmWorkers victory
Farm worker Adelfo Torres Giron is happy that #AB1066
Tomato worker Cristino Cruz on the #Overtime4FarmWorkers vote
Madera farm worker Lourdes Cardenas on winning #Overtime4FarmWorkers
Strawberry worker Denia Garcia on #Overtime4FarmWorkers
Vineyard worker Maria DeJesus talks about #Overtime4FarmWorkers
Salinas area vegetable worker Gonzalo Najera talks about winning #Overtime4FarmWorkers
Farm worker Veronica Mota talks about #Overtime4FarmWorkers becoming law
Rafael Marquez Tamaro on winning #Overtime4FarmWorkers
UFW President Rodriguez thanks everyone for their help in getting #AB1066 passed.
AB1066 Senate Floor Senate: Senhate Pro Tem Kevin De Leon
Farm workers respond to #Overtime4FarmWorkers #AB1066 passing. Si se pudo!
Farm workers watching the vote count for #Overtime4FarmWorkers & reacting to vote count.
UFW President Rodriguez talks about #Overtime4Farmworkers passing CA Assembly.
CA State Senate: Farm Workers Deserve Equal Access to Overtime
Veronica Mota on why she went to Sacramento to fight for overtime
Lourdes Cardenas talks about being in Sacramento to fight for Overtime
Adelfo Torres on why he went to Sacramento to fight for overtime
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