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Help farm workers hold Cesar Chavez marches for overtime rights
Why did Gerawan immediately send peach workers back to work after the Feb 22 pesticide incident?
Another dairy worker drowns in a manure lagoon in less than a year. Won’t you help stop these tragedies?
Stop the DARK Act -- Tell your Representative: Don't let this bill sneak through
It happened again: Workers sickened by pesticides while laboring for Gerawan
Sign the pledge: CA farm workers deserve the same overtime as other workers
It happened again: Workers sprayed with pesticides while laboring for Gerawan
We just found out these pesticides are even more dangerous
We just found out these pesticides are even more dangerous! Take action now.
Help! Status for dairy bill critical
TAKE ACTION: Washington dairy worker safety bill just introduced; committee vote likely any day
SIGN TODAY! We have to stop this chemical from being sprayed.
Take action to tell McDonald's you’re not “lovin’ it”
Tell the EPA to protect all communities from chlorpyrifos
Darigold campaign heading to nationwide retailers. Take action to join virtually.
Fresno Bee (CA): >Farm union begins awareness drive to alert workers to back pay they’re owe
Thank Gina McCarthy for protecting farm workers from pesticides
WA State slashes by two thirds ‘puny’ fine for worker killed in manure pond. Help make this right.
Don't let this bill sneak through -- Stop the DARK Act
TAKE ACTION: Create Stronger Protections from Toxic Pesticides Now!
Click to join our online flash mob
Take action to close the pesticide loophole in California
Dairy campaign takes another big step forward
TAKE ACTION: Fig workers fired for waving UFW flags
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