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Stop the DARK Act -- Tell your Representative: Don't let this bill sneak through
Another injured Darigold worker speaks out -- sign Nubia's petition to Darigold
Did Gerawan really fire a farm worker for whistling?
Nubia needs your signature to save farm worker lives
Tell Darigold: Meet with the UFW and save workers’ lives
Gerawan ignores the law again! Petition to be delivered this month.
TAKE ACTION: Support Gerawan workers in San Francisco on Cesar Chavez' March 31 birthday
Sign the petition to support striking Baja California farm workers
Baja California farm workers decry rampant violation of Mexican labor law in export ag sector. Take a stand in support of their demands for improved wages and conditions.
TAKE ACTION: Federal judge rules that Darigold dairy is threatening residential drinking water.
Send your email to support L.A. City Council resolution backing Gerawan workers
TAKE ACTION: First witness testifies in ALRB hearing, and already, a police report has been filed over attempted witness tampering
Speak out: Darigold workers report not being provided with clean drinking water Kroger sells Darigold milk. Send your message NOW!
TAKE ACTION: Gerawan foreman ordered pesticide applicator to lie after workers get sick
SIGN NOW: Tell CA to protect our kids from the dangerous pesticide chlorpryrifos
New ways Darigold is hiding the truth about your food
TAKE ACTION: UFW leader fired for taking a picture while anti-union workers allowed to.
Speak Out to Protect Farmworkers From Pesticides by Aug. 18
Prima workers rallying at company office RIGHT NOW. Take action to join them virtually!
Petition campaign kicks off asking Pres. Obama for Cesar Chavez National Day of Service
Support safer food, from field to fork. Sign the petition TODAY!
Can you share how Cesar's legacy influenced you?
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