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Martha Moreno on why she was in Sacramento fighting for overtime
Farm worker Gonzalo Najera talks about his work in the fields & overtime
Sacramento Bee Video: Frm workers overtime bill moves to the governor's desk
Watch this powerful overtime video & take action
US EPA Admin & UFW president, Arturo Rodriguez discuss new Worker Protection Standards
UFW Pres. Rodriguez discusses importance of new EPA regs
UFW Pres. Rodriguez discusses the new worker protections
El Presidente de la UFW, Rodriguez habla de nuevas reglas de EPA
US EPA Admin. Gina McCarthy talks about the new worker protection standards
Delano 50th Anniversary Dolores Huerta
Delano 50th Anniversary Paul Chavez
Delano 50th Anniversary Selected Volunteers Speak
Delano 50th Anniversary John Armington
Dedication of Richard Chavez plaque and monument
Kris Kristofferson sings with farm workers at meal after @ 50thAnniv. of #DelanoGrapeStrike
El Teatro Campesino @ ‪#‎50thAnniversary‬ of ‪#‎DelanoGrapeStrike‬ event
Robert F Kennedy Jr speaks @ #50thAnniversary of #DelanoGrapeStrike event
UFW Pres. Arturo S Rodriguez @ 50thAnniv. of #DelanoGrapeStrike
UFW Co-Founder Dolores Huerta invites you to join the 50th anniversary of the ‪#‎DelanoGrapeStrike
UFW President Arturo Rodriguez invites you to join the 50th anniversary of the ‪#‎DelanoGrapeStrike‬
Presidente Arturo Rodríguez de UFW te invita a los 50 años aniversario de la #DelanoGrapeStrike ‬
6/23/15: Watch a message from Secretary of Labor Tom Perez and United Farm Workers of America President Arturo Rodriguez on Climate Change and Worker Safety
Nubia's Plea
Cesar Chavez Day SF Board of Supervisors resolution press conference
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