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CA Freeze 2007 Disaster Relief

Farm Worker Disaster Relief Program

"with every fruit that froze... so did the life of a farm workers"


The Farm worker Disaster Relief Program was a great success thanks to the efforts of concerned and active schools, community organizations, and religious groups across California.

Since the devastating Freeze that hit California in January of 2007, Concerned groups have organized Farm Worker Food Drives in their local schools and communities to help feed those who help put food on our table every day.

Groundbreaking energy, time, and “Ganas” have made a difference in this Disaster Relief Program

In the Los Angeles area alone:

(Y)our efforts have organized:
With creative ideas including food drives around cultural & religious holidays including; Day of the Dead & Passover, and school wide competitions.

Gathering over 12,013 pounds of food
(about 6 Tons)
With over 1,118  Total Volunteers helping out
Donating over 2,740 Volunteer hours! 

Special thank you to our sponsors
who provided storage or transportation support:

L.A. County Fed’s Community Services/United Way
Amity Foundation
Olivia Montes

Pitzer & Claremont College Latino Student Union
National Council de la Raza
Sacred Heart of Jesus High School
Temple Adat Elohim

to all the schools, organizations, and agencies who supported
the farm workers in their time of need.


The disaster relief program in Tulare County evolved into a program that emphasized the involvement of farmworkers in identifying the critical needs of their communities. Citrus workers will return to work (Nov./Dec.), but much work remains to be done, farmworkers are still suffering the consequences of lost work from the beginning of the year. The freeze program focused on three main areas:
  • Disaster Relief
  • Immigration Reform
  • Safety / Labor Rights

  • $16 million dollars were secure in federal relief funds for California farm workers in addition to the over $2 million of state assistance
  • 1,000 plus farm worker letters were collected to declare federal disaster zones
  • 8 farm working communities were created and organized in Tulare County. 
  • 6 vigils were coordinated in congressional offices (including the Governor's Office in California) for three weeks, asking for federal relief funding to cover rental and mortgage assistance.
Partnership with Radio Campesina
  • With Radio Campesina we were able to establish a strategic partnership with Sequoia Distributors to use their trucks to transport emergency food supplies to farm working communities (one of the biggest food distributions was organized in Cutler Orosi, CA where the UFWF and Radio Campesina served over 700 families).
  • Also through community events had the opportunity to distribute literature relating to freeze relief, heat stress and immigration reform.
Heat Stress Campaign / Labor Rights Campaign UFWF built a coalition of organizational partners such as CRLA, Univision Fresno, and Radio Campesina to identify problems around the prevention of heat regulation violations through farmworker outreach. 
  • Approximately 70 companies were identified as violating a Cal OSHA Heat Stress regulation.  Many of these companies are under investigation by Cal OSHA. 
  • UFWF alone collected over 168 CAL OSHA complaint forms, affecting an estimated 5,522 farm workers (other complaints were collected by our coalition partners including the UFW).   


Labor violations continue in the fields


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