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My daughter and I came to the UFW Foundation in December of 2009. We were given a list of documents to submit and the service provider explained the process to us. When we returned with all the documents, we signed an agreement with the UFW Foundation and paid a fee. The service provider took our pictures, helped us prepare affidavits, and filled out our forms. He also helped us apply for a fee waiver. He helped me write a letter to USCIS explaining that I didn't make enough working in the fields to pay the high fees for permanent residence. With my daughter and me applying, we would have to pay over $2,000 to get our green cards. That would be a lot for us to pay during the early spring, when there is less work in the fields.   

Several weeks after he sent our applications, he called to say that our fees had been waived!    He called later when our work permits came in the mail. Each time USCIS sent a letter, he contacted me to make sure I received a letter and that I understood what to do. The UFW Foundation service provider contacted me today when he received my green card from USCIS. I am so happy that after 22 years in the United States, I am finally a legal permanent resident. I thank the UFW Foundation for helping me and my daughter through the whole process.


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