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Several months later, I got a letter from the IRS. It was in English and I didn't know what it said. I took the letter to the UFW Foundation office in Bakersfield and the service provider explained that my tax return was under examination¯ by the IRS. They said I didn't qualify for the additional child tax credit.  They wanted me to pay over $600 in taxes and penalties. The tax preparer there checked the laws again and told me I did qualify for the credit, and that I didn't owe any taxes. He helped me write a letter to the IRS in response to their examination.        Last week I received another letter from the IRS. They told me they had re-examined my case and discovered that in fact I did not owe any taxes. They sent me a bill for $0.00 and indicated that I do not owe any tax.
Without the help of the UFW Foundation, I wouldn't have known about the importance of filing taxes each year. I might have been forced to pay a lot of money by mistake. Instead I didn't have to pay any additional taxes and I am a UFW Foundation member. Now I have my ITIN number so I can do my taxes next year and future years as well.


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