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Farm workers mourn passing of Tom Hayden

Farm workers mourn passing of Tom Hayden

It was with sadness that the farm worker movement learned of the passing on Sunday of activist and political leader Tom Hayden, 76. The United Farm Workers worked closely with Tom beginning in the 1970s. They supported each other, when Cesar Chavez and the farm workers campaigned for him during his 1976 U.S. Senate candidacy in California and when Tom backed the union during key political, legislative and organizing campaigns. The UFW also participated with Tom and his Campaign for Economic Democracy, the progressive political and social organization he formed with his then wife, Jane Fonda.

Tom Hayden was also a champion of the farm workers during his 18 years in the California Legislature in the 1980s and ‘90s.

The photo depicts Tom Hayden, Cesar Chavez and domestic workers leader Ken Msemaji leading a march honoring Malcolm X in May 1977.



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