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UFW, UFW Foundation remain opposed to Sessions' confirmation

UFW, UFW Foundation remain opposed to Sessions' confirmation

Nothing Republican Senator Jeff Sessions has said during his confirmation process to be U.S. Attorney General makes us question his reputation as one of the most anti-immigrant lawmakers in Congress. He has opposed every practical immigration reform plan during his 20 years representing Alabama. He has misled the Senate and the nation about his 1980s civil rights record as U.S. Attorney in Alabama. We still don't know whether Sessions as Attorney General will continue ongoing criminal contempt of court proceedings that could put former Maricopa County (Phoenix, Arizona) Sheriff Joe Arpaio in jail for ignoring a federal judge's injunction against his illegal racial profiling based on race and language. The 11-9 party-line vote for Sessions in the Senate Judiciary Committee is disappointing. The United Farm Workers and UFW Foundation will continue opposing his confirmation.


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