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Chavez Service Clubs: Ravenswood Unified School District

    Youth Community Services along with the Cesar E. Chavez Service Clubs of Ravenswood City Unified School District, hosted a joint Cesar Chavez Day service-learning project on March 27, 2009, entitled, “Living the Legacy: A Celebration in Honor of Cesar Chavez.” The day began with the Cesar E. Chavez Service Club students from Belle Haven, Cesar Chavez, James Flood Magnet, East Palo Alto Charter, and Willow Oaks Middle Schools cleaning up the East Palo Alto Baylands.  Students were taught about the importance and preservation of the bay lands along with the excessive waste and pollution caused by humans that directly impacts the environment and wildlife.  Students collected trashed items found around the bay lands from old bicycles to Halloween costumes and worn out garden statues.  The various clean-up groups came together to display the trash they collected and took part in a group reflection.  Trash items were sorted and recycled following the clean-up.
    At 5pm, the Cesar E. Chavez Service Club students were taken to East Palo Alto Boys’ and Girls’ Club for a Cesar Chavez Day celebration.  A local member from the City Council spoke about the importance of Cesar Chavez Day followed by speaker Jose Calderon from the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation.  The students from the Cesar E. Chavez Service Clubs screened an edited video montage they created of the farm worker struggle, along with interviews of a local farm worker who has noticed the positive impacts in the agricultural workforce due to the work of Cesar E. Chavez. 


    As the night went on, attendees enjoyed free food while students led interactive booths that depicted the Values of Cesar Chavez, including Sacrifice, Determination, and Service to Others.  The celebration ended with dance performances by students and a group dance, practicing Chavez’s Core Value of Celebrating Community.




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