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Cesar E. Chavez - A Reflection: An Exhibition of Photographs by George Rodriguez

Cesar E. Chavez - A Reflection
An Exhibition of Photographs by George Rodriguez
June 26 thru the end of 2010

This collection of black and white photographs illustrates the important legacy of Cesar E. Chavez and the people's movement he inspired.  The exhibit encapsulates the movement that began in the late 1960's. Chavez's journey is not only about the struggle in the fields but also about the formidable transformation of powerless farm workers into warriors for social justice.  Chavez's fight created a "people's movement" that transcended the rural environment to urban communities and across the nation, inspiring communities of color and social justice advocates to join el movimiento.

George Rodriguez has worked as a photojournalist in the motion picture industry, TV networks, music industry, and magazine publishing.  George's favorite work is documenting Chicano/Latino life and civil rights issues.  In the late 1960s, photographer Rodriguez sensed a change. "Around the time that Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy died, there was an awareness that took ober in the Chicano Community," George recalls.  And nearly four decades after he began chronicling the struggles of his people, Rodriguez remains a "people's historian."

For more information, please contact the National Chavez Center by phone at 661-823-6134 or by email at



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