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Every day, we must remember the brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and mothers and fathers who work hard in our nation's fields tirelessly every day to grow the food that we all enjoy.  They do not get breaks, and they often are far from their families.  In addition, more and more immigrant families continue to be separated and torn apart by our broken immigration system, and we must keep them in our thoughts and hearts as well.  With Congress refusing to do their jobs and pass immigration reform, these families' struggles and suffering will continue.
But that is why we are here.  Everyone at the UFW Foundation works every day to help immigrants and farm workers get the help they need, whether through legal services, advocacy in the public square and for immigration reform, education on immigrant rights and resources, or outreach on issues like the Affordable Care Act and public benefits.  We live to help and empower our immigrant families and communities through the values of integrity, innovation, empowerment, and a "si se puede" attitude, because we keep the most in need in society constantly in our hearts, and we know that, if we all work together, we can succeed.  "Si se puede" is not just a catchy phrase; it embodies our belief in our communities and our place on the right side of history.  We can succeed, and we will succeed.
So please remember the immigrant families that work hard every day to provide the food that we need every day, and let their struggle ignite a fire within you to fight with us for their well-being, rights, and dignity.  Together, we can all go far.

Si Se Puede!
Diana Tellefson Torres
Executive Director

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